Slow fermentation brings out the natural sweetness of wheat

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Boulangerie Maison Tsuji

Slow fermentation brings out the natural sweetness of wheat

Toon-shi is located in the Chuyo region of Ehime Prefecture. Although it is an easily accessible location, only 30 minutes by car from Matsuyama-shi, it is also blessed with rich nature and beautiful valleys. In this town, we visited Boulangerie Maison Tsuji, which makes healthy bread that is perfect for everyday dining.

Wind, greenery, wheat... Surrounded by an ideal landscape

Ms. Tsuji, the owner and chef, opened her shop in Toon-shi in 2015, wishing to make bread that is good for the body. The train-shaped building used to be in ruins, but was renovated as a bakery. Later it was renewed, expanding the shop floor. “I wanted to open a bakery in a place surrounded by nature, and here is the exact place for it. The deciding factor was the nice terrace where the breeze blows through.The view of the green wheat beneath the shop swaying in the breeze was exactly as I had envisioned.”

Boulangerie Maison Tsuji is located on the west side of Toon-shi, in an area rich in nature. You would never imagine that there is a very popular bakery in a place like this. The pure white Western-style building is very easy to find even from a distance, and inside the store is decorated with antique furniture and paintings. On busy days, more than 1,600 breads will be on display. Everywhere you look, bread, bread, bread... It becomes a dream space for bread lovers: ”Which bread should I take? I can’t choose!”

Bread making with a focus on ingredients, manufacturing methods, and heart

Many people may have the impression that bread makes you fat. To overturn that image, Boulangerie Maison Tsuji promises to make bread “that is healthy and kind to your body”. “The key to making bread is fermentation. By fermenting slowly, we can bring out the natural sweetness of the wheat and the dough will rise properly. There is no need to add extra sugar or additives to make the dough rise more than necessary. ” says Ms. Tsuji. The bread slowly fermented for 48 to 63 hours brings you sweetness that spreads in the mouth the more you chew. Furthermore, they are very particular about the materials they use. They use about 20 different types of flour depending on the texture, flavor, and season.

Their commitment to materials and manufacturing methods is truly that of a craftsman. However, what Ms. Tsuji is most particular about is “making bread with all our heart and soul to bring happiness and smile to those who eat it.” “As a baker, it is natural for me to be particular about manufacturing methods and ingredients. When I talk to customers, I realize that we are not “making” bread, but the customers “let us make” bread. I will continue to listen to customers’ voices and make bread that brings happiness to as many people as possible.”

The happy faces of customers are the driving force

Before, Ms. Tsuji had a strong will for baking bread beautifully. “As a baker, I didn't want to serve anything that was even slightly out of shape or overcooked.” However, when she thought about what kind of bread the customers were wanting, she realized that shape and appearance are not everything.  “I realized that our customers were looking for bread that was more familiar, life-sized, and that would fit into their everyday dining table. When I see customers feeling happiness with our bread, it makes me happy too. I've come this far with the support of the people around me, so I want to give back. I want my shop to be a place where you can take a breather and feel at home.”

Relationships and feedbacks from customers takes most valuable part for Ms. Tsuji. As the number of foreign customers from Ehime is increasing, she is now thinking of expanding her store overseas. It may not be long before Boulangerie Maison Tsuji expands from Ehime to the world.

Slow fermentation brings out the natural sweetness of wheat

Ehime Boulangerie Maison Tsuji

1283-6 Nishioka, Toon-shi, Ehime

(information as of Sep 2023)

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